Monday, July 26, 2010

Chic -vs- Rocker

Hey dolls... Well I have been busy at work and have been unable to do my Miranda Kerr look. Im hoping I can this upcoming weekend. I did it this last Saturday when I went home but I forgot my camera in VA... so I am unable to share.

N-E way I have been reading in all my magazines and there are tons of articles talking about how rocker girl is out and CHIC is in right now. But although Im all for florals and pink, I cant let go of my ripped up jeans and Bebe leather jacket. I think its time for a good balance.

We girls don't have to just be one thing. Some days Ill wear a floral dress with light pink natural makeup. The next Ill wear my red stilettos and leather mini skirt. We can do it all. The fun thing about being girls is that we can dress up and be anything we like. Cut our hair, dye our hair. Be Lady GaGa one day and be Marilyn Monroe the other.

Rocker Babe Doll

Chic Doll



  1. Nicely put! I completely agree! For a long time I felt that I had to be either this or that or fall under a certain category/label...but NO, why settle for one thing when we can enjoy being us?...especially if it's not hard to pull it off. ;o] Oh btw, I nominated you for 2 blog awards. (:


  2. Elizabeth.
    If you get a chance please check out my giveaway winner post.

  3. @She walks inn Beauty. Thanks for the nomination doll! Yeah, I feel as I get older I just chose to be whatever I feel like being. Sometimes I feel super girly and other days I really want no makeup on and just feel like being a bum. N-E way thanks for commenting and Im about to check out your blog:) YAY

  4. @ FunnyFaceBeauty... I just commented on your post:) Im super Happy!

  5. i like both style =) and i like to mix it up =) great post girl .

  6. I love all of these looks, they are great!!:)SarahD