Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BoyFriend Jeans

Ok, I am obsessed with boyfriend jeans! After I had my son I would use my boyfriends jeans because I couldn't fit into mine and the pregnancy ones were too big. Never did I know that this trend would become so popular. I first started seeing Katie Holmes wearing them and I thought she looked so cute. She would wear them with over sized shirts and I LOVED it!

Boyfriend jeans can be dressed up and dressed down so easily. They are so diverse.
I am planning on going out on Friday night and I am trying to put together the perfect outfit with boyfriend jeans. I got a pair at Old Navy for $38. I thought this was a good price because I am going to wear them a lot.

The cool thing about this pair of jeans is I know I will be able to use it through fall and winter with some boots to keep warm.

Here are ideas of some looks Ill be considering for Friday.
These shoes I got from ALDO and they are a top consideration for my night look and the jeans from Old Navy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ice cream

So I went for a nice run on my treadmill. Wanted to go out but for some strange reason there was a storm here. My TV even went out! I looked out and people were at the pool... ummm Helloooo... There is a lightening storm.
N-E way, just took a cold shower and I get a text.."Lets go out for ice cream."
Dont people realize its storming outside. But its my good friend so I say, "ok"
Knowing very well its storming and my TV even went out.. WAIT.....
Did I pay my bill????

YES, of course I did. Sometimes I get so caught up in my bubble that I forget things I shouldn't forget. Like watering the flowers. But I wont have to tomorrow because it rained so much that they will have water for the next couple of days.
So I guess I didn't forget..HA!

Well Im going out for ice cream. Ill get low fat ice cream with almonds on top. Just so that I don't feel like my run was in vain.

I feel like doing a military inspired look. So I looked into my LOOKBOOK and found some nice ideas. I put a cute lil outfit together. Ill take pics and post later:)
Im surprised Im into this military inspired look....

The look I put together for tonight.

Because I am in the military I would think I would stray from wearing anything military on my time off. But I love this look. Brings out the hip GI Jane in me:)

Kim in some cargo pants.
(pic from

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When the walls start to close off on me, I always have some where to go.
When I feel strong and want to prove I can do it once more, I have some where to go.
When I need to think, I have some where to go.
When I want to be by myself, I have some where to go.
I go for a run.
Running is such good therapy. Its better than ice cream or chocolate or my favorite macadamia cookie.
Running soothes me like a baby in its mothers arms.
When I finish I know that Im a little bit different, a bit wiser.
I run toward all that is me. I see my reflection ahead and I just go. Not for speed or distance. I have no watch telling me the time or marking the distance. I just go. When my body thinks it has had enough I go a little more just to see what happens. Then I stop. Out of breath but my mind is clearer than ever.

I figure out things in those seconds of breathlessness that I couldnt figure out while lying in bed doing nothing. I sense relief. I dont want to come back to the real world but I know I have to. Face it ALL. Face them now that I have the answers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Look of the Day

This look is just to die for. I have mentioned before that Im not the biggest fan of booties or this type of shoe with shorts but on occasion Ill put it together. I tried different shoes with this look but these just kept coming back to mind. With a slight tan/bronzy look to your legs these colors will look fabulous.

This cream is from Victoria Secret. It is called "Flirty/Little Secret" And it is a firming bronzer with Pheromones.

Pheromones are a chemical that is supposed to trigger social responses from the same species. In our case: It is going to drive the boys crazy.

Im not too sure about the so called "pheromones" but I do believe that confidence is the best trigger to get a guys attention.


Makeup for this look is military inspired. The Army jungle green is really in right now. And the other earth tones are really appealing to any skin. For the cheeks try "Heartbreaker" which is a blush by ULTA beauty stores. Then slightly brush some bronzer over your blush to give a sun kissed effect. My favorite right now is "Bronzer/Rose" by Physicians Formula/Organic Wear.

Add soft pink lips to the mix like the one pictured. This one is from Luna Twilight in "Femme Fatale" and it runs for $20 at Nordstorm.

The shorts are super cute. They are a sailor look and is very popular right now. These are from Juicy Couture and you can get them at the Elle Shop for $115.

I got the Miss Dior from Macy's. I think I paid $80.
I really recommend this fragrance. Its outstanding!

And these shades are from vintage Christian Dior but you can find the exact shades at Forever 21. I just saw a pair like this. The color is Butterfly White.

Hope you guys like this look. Most of these items can be replicated by shopping at Forever 21. Happy shopping:)

Side Note

Side Note: All outfits are generated based off of items that look like the ones I own. Since I cant wear every outfit I generated a collage of items that are like the ones in my closet but are not pictures taken by me.

It is a useful tool to put my clothing into outfits. It is too difficult to look in my closet and even begin to make sense of what is in there:)

Ready for the Movies

Im going to the movies tonight! I have been trying to go as much as possible since I know Im going off to training next week. Don't know when Ill be able to go to the movies next so Im taking advantage of being on vacation. 

I recently saw Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. I LOVED IT! I love that Cameron is so athletic and does most of her own stunts. She has a very beautiful smile and she is such a dork. She burps in public and just seems like she can be anyones best friend.

Tom Cruise is so HOT! Im not over Risky Business and it is safe to say that he still has it! That SPARK!
He has charm and his body is amazing in this movie.

N-E way tonight I am going to see Jonah Hex. I have heard mixed reviews about it so we will see how it goes..... I will post about it later:)

I put together an outfit and I think it is easy and beautiful. I don't really like wearing shorts in the movie theatre because it is always cold in those things. I always end up curling up in my seat trying to warm up my legs, so today I decided to do jeans.

I bought these sandals at Marshals. They are Ciao Bella. 
My jeans are from Paris Blues from TJ Max.
The white shirt I got from the Military PX store for $6!!! Yes, it was on sale:) Luv it!
I have another outfit that I put together with this same shirt and it is going to surprise you! It is a "date night" outfit and is totally opposite of what Im wearing today. Ill post soon!

My turquoise ring I got as a gift very long ago and I don't even remember who gave it to me. But whoever it was should know that Im in love with it.
My white watch is from Peire Bernie.
My shades are D&G and I got these babies from my handsome man as a gift. Luv ya baby
My favorite fragrance I own is Dior Miss Dior Cherie. And let me tell you that I cannot live without it. It is one of the best fragrances I have ever had.
Bag is from I don't know where and don't really remember how much it was:( sorry

Make-up: I chose a really fresh look and it really took me no more than 10 minutes to apply. I did blue eyeshadow to match my ring.
I dont wear mascara too often because my eyelashes fall out easily! 

Foundation: Neutrogena Heathly Skin Glow Sheers (I change foundation often, this is just what Im using at the time) But I usually use MAC.
Eyeshadows used: All by ULTA, Silk, Sandstone, and Turquoise.
Blush: ULTA, Heartbreaker 
Bronzer: Bronzer Rose by Physicians Formula
Lips: Used lipstick by Loreal Paris in Tropical Coral and applied lip gloss over in my favorite, LOLA by Buxon Lips.

Dont really use it to tell time. I use my cell so I think it has the wrong time on it! ha ha

My hair is really long so this is an easy up-do that I can put together in 5 minutes. A twist upfront and a ponytail can never go wrong.

One Tank, 3 Looks

This is the tank I got from Forever 21. It's such a good tank, and I loved it as soon as I tried it on. I want to wear it everyday! These are three looks that are easy and fun.

I did this look when I went to the mall and lunch with a friend. I dont own a D&G watch but I wore my boyfriends watch by Daniel Cremieux. It was a gift he got one Christmas from my sister Dian.

I have noticed that women are wearing mens watches and I love this new trend. I secretly wanted his watch and now I can actually get away with wearing it. Mix in feminine with masculine to get a truly unique look.

I would do this look for a night of drinks and laughter with girlfriends. But I would have to be sitting most of the time because these shoes are killer!
(RIGHT) This look is soft and its perfect for church or family outing. I would wear this for date night.  Wear this look to work with the blazer and flats.

My Daniel Cremieux:)

Look of the Day/Envy

Who ever heard anyone get "green with envy"? However, I have seen a couple of heads turn red with envy....

This outfit is exudes confidence and can really be an all day look. I have some black shoes that are very similar to the ones included in this look.  Once you break in a good pair of shoes, you can walk in them virtually all day.

Many do not dare wear RED lipstick. It is a very difficult color to keep up with, but if you're trying to make a statement this is the complete look. You can try a lip gloss with a red tone if lipstick is difficult to keep reapplying. I have both a red lip-gloss (which is what I prefer) but I do own a red lipstick.

If you do red lips I would keep the eyes very natural and use earth tones.

The accessories for this look make the simple white jeans and grey shirt stand out. The red purse is a statement accessory. Mix it in with red splashes in your jewelry and your set.
I wouldn't wear earrings with this look because if you stack bracelets like the one pictured and add a ring you don't want to seem overdone (at least not for a day look).
If you must add earrings do something small, like a pearl earring and do it as the sun goes down for your night look.

I sometimes will do a look I use for both running errands in the day and going out to dinner at night. I take a trip back home to freshen up and add earrings and heels to make my look more of a "date" look. If I cant run back home I place a pair of heels in the trunk and carry my accessories in a ziplock bag in my purse.

I know most of us own pretty much everything in this look. Now go out and make heads turn red with envy!

Always do my makeup before I do my hair and change into outfit. I messed up this day because my shirt was white and I got lipstick on it! Learned my lesson. (didn't wear this red flower, was just for picture)

Kim K. rocking the red lipstick. (picture off her blog

My pair purchased from ALDO (sale online RIGHT NOW). I love these shoes. It takes a while to break them in but once you do they are super comfy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


All the celebrities are walking around Hollywood sporting fun and sexy shorts and there is no reason that we “normal” gals cant do the same. 

Temperatures are rising and there is no doubt that shorts and tanks are the best way to keep cool while out and about. However shorts can be tricky and you have to really know what works for your body. For a day look it works best to wear flats however if you are doing a casual business lunch or meeting, you can do a heel that is simple and preferably a solid color.
 Day and Night Looks
For your day and night looks you can usually get away with wearing the same shorts. It is important to note that our look will be determined by factors such as our makeup and accessories. Lets first explore the different shorts that are being seen the most this season. 
Boyfriend shorts, Army Cargo shorts, Bermuda Shorts, Cuffed Shorts, Distressed Shorts, belted shorts and yes, even Glittery or Sequined shorts.

These are just to name a few. Now we will do a day and night look for a FEW of these type of shorts and you will see that by changing a few details we can transform one pair of shorts into two completely different looks.
Shoes with ankle straps should be used with caution. If you have longs thin legs than you can probably get away with any look when wearing shorts. However, for the rest of us a FLAT shoe with a strap at the ankle can cut our legs short. Don't get me wrong, we can still rock this look. I usually keep my strap shoes to a neutral color if they are flats but Im never afraid to spice things up with some red or aqua blue flats... What ever makes you feel confidant and beautiful is all that matters.
Boots: I don't ever do boots with shorts. But if you want to wear this look it is best to wear boots that are the close to the color of your skin. I wouldn't do any booties however mid-calf boots could be nice.
Heels: I LOVE HEELS. But lets keep it real ladies, they can be really painful if worn for a long period of time. However if you're not going to be doing a lot of walking, like going on a movie/dinner date, then wear heels! And if you are going out for a night of dancing wear some heels that are broken in. Heels are sexy on a date and paired with shorts they can prove to be any woman’s secret to being a sexy vixen.

Boyfriend Shorts/Day n Night  
Add some cute chandelier earrings to your night look and a glittery or jeweled purse and your ready to go.    

Cargo Shorts/Day n Night

Belted Shorts/Day n Night

An example of when peep-toe booties can look HOT!!! I love this look, and it can be pulled off by pretty much anyone, no matter what shape and size.

Another belted shorts NIGHT look. However, this one is different as it is matched up with flats. Just because it is night time doesnt mean you have to wear heels. This look is simple, fresh, and screams comfort.