Monday, June 28, 2010

Ready for the Movies

Im going to the movies tonight! I have been trying to go as much as possible since I know Im going off to training next week. Don't know when Ill be able to go to the movies next so Im taking advantage of being on vacation. 

I recently saw Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. I LOVED IT! I love that Cameron is so athletic and does most of her own stunts. She has a very beautiful smile and she is such a dork. She burps in public and just seems like she can be anyones best friend.

Tom Cruise is so HOT! Im not over Risky Business and it is safe to say that he still has it! That SPARK!
He has charm and his body is amazing in this movie.

N-E way tonight I am going to see Jonah Hex. I have heard mixed reviews about it so we will see how it goes..... I will post about it later:)

I put together an outfit and I think it is easy and beautiful. I don't really like wearing shorts in the movie theatre because it is always cold in those things. I always end up curling up in my seat trying to warm up my legs, so today I decided to do jeans.

I bought these sandals at Marshals. They are Ciao Bella. 
My jeans are from Paris Blues from TJ Max.
The white shirt I got from the Military PX store for $6!!! Yes, it was on sale:) Luv it!
I have another outfit that I put together with this same shirt and it is going to surprise you! It is a "date night" outfit and is totally opposite of what Im wearing today. Ill post soon!

My turquoise ring I got as a gift very long ago and I don't even remember who gave it to me. But whoever it was should know that Im in love with it.
My white watch is from Peire Bernie.
My shades are D&G and I got these babies from my handsome man as a gift. Luv ya baby
My favorite fragrance I own is Dior Miss Dior Cherie. And let me tell you that I cannot live without it. It is one of the best fragrances I have ever had.
Bag is from I don't know where and don't really remember how much it was:( sorry

Make-up: I chose a really fresh look and it really took me no more than 10 minutes to apply. I did blue eyeshadow to match my ring.
I dont wear mascara too often because my eyelashes fall out easily! 

Foundation: Neutrogena Heathly Skin Glow Sheers (I change foundation often, this is just what Im using at the time) But I usually use MAC.
Eyeshadows used: All by ULTA, Silk, Sandstone, and Turquoise.
Blush: ULTA, Heartbreaker 
Bronzer: Bronzer Rose by Physicians Formula
Lips: Used lipstick by Loreal Paris in Tropical Coral and applied lip gloss over in my favorite, LOLA by Buxon Lips.

Dont really use it to tell time. I use my cell so I think it has the wrong time on it! ha ha

My hair is really long so this is an easy up-do that I can put together in 5 minutes. A twist upfront and a ponytail can never go wrong.

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