Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ice cream

So I went for a nice run on my treadmill. Wanted to go out but for some strange reason there was a storm here. My TV even went out! I looked out and people were at the pool... ummm Helloooo... There is a lightening storm.
N-E way, just took a cold shower and I get a text.."Lets go out for ice cream."
Dont people realize its storming outside. But its my good friend so I say, "ok"
Knowing very well its storming and my TV even went out.. WAIT.....
Did I pay my bill????

YES, of course I did. Sometimes I get so caught up in my bubble that I forget things I shouldn't forget. Like watering the flowers. But I wont have to tomorrow because it rained so much that they will have water for the next couple of days.
So I guess I didn't forget..HA!

Well Im going out for ice cream. Ill get low fat ice cream with almonds on top. Just so that I don't feel like my run was in vain.

I feel like doing a military inspired look. So I looked into my LOOKBOOK and found some nice ideas. I put a cute lil outfit together. Ill take pics and post later:)
Im surprised Im into this military inspired look....

The look I put together for tonight.

Because I am in the military I would think I would stray from wearing anything military on my time off. But I love this look. Brings out the hip GI Jane in me:)

Kim in some cargo pants.
(pic from http://monicarosestylist.blogspot.com)


  1. interesing and inspiring post !

  2. great post! I like the boots :) x

  3. Thanks:) I really like these boots too. When I first got them I had wanted to wear them with a little white skirt I had. I went to Puerto Rico and my skirt went missing. I was so mad because it was from BeBe and I loved it! But Im going to get one tomorrow, I hope. I will post a look using these boots and a summer white skirt look. I just saw KATE HUDSON wear this look in my magazine.