Monday, June 28, 2010

One Tank, 3 Looks

This is the tank I got from Forever 21. It's such a good tank, and I loved it as soon as I tried it on. I want to wear it everyday! These are three looks that are easy and fun.

I did this look when I went to the mall and lunch with a friend. I dont own a D&G watch but I wore my boyfriends watch by Daniel Cremieux. It was a gift he got one Christmas from my sister Dian.

I have noticed that women are wearing mens watches and I love this new trend. I secretly wanted his watch and now I can actually get away with wearing it. Mix in feminine with masculine to get a truly unique look.

I would do this look for a night of drinks and laughter with girlfriends. But I would have to be sitting most of the time because these shoes are killer!
(RIGHT) This look is soft and its perfect for church or family outing. I would wear this for date night.  Wear this look to work with the blazer and flats.

My Daniel Cremieux:)

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