Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hey Dolls,

Im super excited because Im taking a quick trip to New York this weekend. It is my boyfriends birthday in two weeks and he is a big baseball (Yankees) fan. So this weekend the Yankees will be playing against the Red Socks. Im so excited and I will be packing tonight. 

Now I know I will only be there Friday-Sunday but I have about five outfits... and counting. lol

We are going to an awesome restaurant I found on-line, Friday night. Its called The Fat Black Pussycat bar, lounge, and dancing. 

I cant wait to show you dolls my outfits. They are chic but simple. 

Then Saturday for some sight seeing during the day before the game. Then off to the Yankees game!! YAY!

After the game we are going out to dinner and drinks to KATRA. Check this place out on line. It really looks like an amazing place. 

Im so excited! I will post pictures when I get back to share:) 

If any of you have been to New York or live there and have recommendations for food or enjoyment, please share:)

I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. luv ya dolls


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Wear or Not to Wear...

Hey Dolls,

I am a big fan of Fashion Police on E! so I decided to add a new monthly blog post on what celebrities are wearing. Some of them look great, some good, others busted! lol

Here are the latest outfits that I picked:

This outfit is flawless and easy. A+

Ok, so lets face it: Not all of us gals could pull this dress off... which is why I think its fabulous! Ciara looks so beautiful and her body is amazing, this chic works out. I would never think much of this dress on a hanger but she def. pulls it off. A+

Snooki, Snooki, Snooki. This dress is horrible. I think I wore a similar pattern in 6th grade. I love the shoes but the dress is all wrong. This dress looks like it was bought at Wal-Mart. Nothing against Wal-Mart but I know she makes good money... Come on honey... Show some class... And orange skin is not cute... I love a nice tan but when you look like an umpalumpa.........

My Dolls are fabulous in this picture. There is really nothing else to say but A+

JLo looks so beautiful in this picture. Her hair is perfect. Makeup is natural and her jewelry is just enough...
I have a similar dress that I purchased from Victoria Secret. I wore it to a friends birthday bash...
The other side is a slouchy sleeve....

I love Katy Perry. She's my girl, but I don't get this dress....
I know her style is funky but this dress is awkward and her hair doesn't go with it. Sorry Doll but NO!

Also, just went to Kim Kardashians Blog and she chose my boots for her pick! I mentioned that I just bought these booties. Cant wait to wear them!! Check out her blog to see them or to buy: Go to 

Hope you girls enjoyed:)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

These boots were made for walking...

So, I love the summer and all because I really dont function in the cold, however, I love fall fashion. You can do layers which is awesome because you can really spice up outfits like crazy.
Another aspect of fall that I love is BOOTS! OMG do I love boots. I love them at ankle, calf, and above the knee lengths. 

N-E way I just ordered these boots from Shoe dazzle.

As soon as I saw them I knew they were the perfect boot for the upcoming September and October days. When I get them I will post pics of an outfit I have in mind for them. 

Other boots I have my eye on are as follows:

Just as a side note I really recommend you Dolls look into
You get a pair of shoes a month and designers including Kim K herself, send you different choices. You pick what you want and they get delivered and all for the price of 39.99.
This includes taxes and shipping. It doesn't matter what shoe it is, the price is always 39.99. 
And now they offer jewelry and hand bags. If you feel that you want to order more shoes.... then you can. All for 39.99 each. 

Check it out. You get really cute shoes for a really good price. Super worth it.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Only Girl In The World

I am really loving Rihanna's new song "The only girl in the world"
As soon as I heard it, I want to pump my fist "Jersey Shore style" and just start dancing. I love it. N-E way, this weekend I celebrated my birthday...
And my hubby and son made me feel like was the only girl in the world. They catered to me and I truly felt like a Queen:)

I went to DC. And I my goal was to try new things... Its easy to get stuck in a routine and I really wanted to walk outside the lines.

I tried Indian food which let me say is GREAT! I loved it...
And we went to an awesome Greek place that was more of a club than a restaurant. We literally had to yell over the table just to hear each other. 

For Greek night I wore this green military inspired dress from Forever 21. My shoes are Shoedazzle. As you can tell Im still really feeling the military inspired look. 

My little one was such a trooper. It was so late and he acted like such an adult. He was the only kid there. Poor baby. But he really liked Greek food.. He took some from his plate as well as mommy and daddys...

At Karma... Indian food was devine:) One of my favorites from now on.

Super yummy cupcakes.. I took a couple back to the hotel and they were all gone by the next morning. We couldnt keep our hands off of them. So good.