Thursday, September 9, 2010

These boots were made for walking...

So, I love the summer and all because I really dont function in the cold, however, I love fall fashion. You can do layers which is awesome because you can really spice up outfits like crazy.
Another aspect of fall that I love is BOOTS! OMG do I love boots. I love them at ankle, calf, and above the knee lengths. 

N-E way I just ordered these boots from Shoe dazzle.

As soon as I saw them I knew they were the perfect boot for the upcoming September and October days. When I get them I will post pics of an outfit I have in mind for them. 

Other boots I have my eye on are as follows:

Just as a side note I really recommend you Dolls look into
You get a pair of shoes a month and designers including Kim K herself, send you different choices. You pick what you want and they get delivered and all for the price of 39.99.
This includes taxes and shipping. It doesn't matter what shoe it is, the price is always 39.99. 
And now they offer jewelry and hand bags. If you feel that you want to order more shoes.... then you can. All for 39.99 each. 

Check it out. You get really cute shoes for a really good price. Super worth it.



  1. Elizabeth, where are those brown lace up boots from...they look so much like the Dollhoue Rogeri boots and I have been searching for them since forever!!! Please let me know! Thanks!!!

  2. love the booooooots <3 amazing . thx for sharing .

  3. @ Veronica. I saw these boots at Bakers (the shoe store) and at Aldo. Check out both their websites. Also, I was looking at some at Victoria Secret and they have tons of brown lace up ones.