Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Only Girl In The World

I am really loving Rihanna's new song "The only girl in the world"
As soon as I heard it, I want to pump my fist "Jersey Shore style" and just start dancing. I love it. N-E way, this weekend I celebrated my birthday...
And my hubby and son made me feel like was the only girl in the world. They catered to me and I truly felt like a Queen:)

I went to DC. And I my goal was to try new things... Its easy to get stuck in a routine and I really wanted to walk outside the lines.

I tried Indian food which let me say is GREAT! I loved it...
And we went to an awesome Greek place that was more of a club than a restaurant. We literally had to yell over the table just to hear each other. 

For Greek night I wore this green military inspired dress from Forever 21. My shoes are Shoedazzle. As you can tell Im still really feeling the military inspired look. 

My little one was such a trooper. It was so late and he acted like such an adult. He was the only kid there. Poor baby. But he really liked Greek food.. He took some from his plate as well as mommy and daddys...

At Karma... Indian food was devine:) One of my favorites from now on.

Super yummy cupcakes.. I took a couple back to the hotel and they were all gone by the next morning. We couldnt keep our hands off of them. So good.



  1. 1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    2) Cutest dress ever!
    3) Cutest baby ever!!

    Hope you had a blast. I have missed your posts.

  2. u loook great ,, love the outfit
    and awwwww how adorable is ur baby <3
    i need to listen to rihanna's song ,, thx for sharing =) xx

  3. @FFB:
    1) Thanks
    2)Sorry I havent posted, I have just been so busy its almost impossible for me to post. I cant wait to finish this training and go back home. Im so unstable right now.. lol
    3) Im really trying to post. And I always find time to check out your blog:)
    @ Feef: Thanks Chika... Let me know what you think of the song...

  4. I nominated you for a blog award on my site, if you get a chance, check it out.

  5. Elizabeth you look Fab! I'm also loving the Miltary look for Fall.. =) Happy Bday My Virgo Sister!

    xo T


  6. Happy belated birthday! You looked stunning =)

  7. Happy Birthday!! Wish you many more years of happiness and health!

    Looks like you had tons of fun, let me say, DC always is. I still haven't been to Karma, lol. What's the name of the Greek place you went to (is it CaVa)? Your outfit, tres chic! Your little man is surely a trooper :) Have you tried Georgetown Cupcakes? The indian food looks so good, shame i'm on a food budget right now...can't go to my regular indian buffet location in bethesda called Haandi :(

  8. @ All my Dolls, Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.. love you all
    @ Alicia: Thanks so much. Ima check it out:)

    @ Janine: I officially love DC. I went with my parents when I was younger but I def. had more fun this time...Yeah the Greek place was Cava.. Girl you need to go. It was sooo good and really good prices. ummm no Georgetown Cupcakes... Where is that located? Girl Im on a diet right now I shouldn't have ate all that food either.. But one weekend wont hurt:) lol
    Thanks for commented mama