Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When the walls start to close off on me, I always have some where to go.
When I feel strong and want to prove I can do it once more, I have some where to go.
When I need to think, I have some where to go.
When I want to be by myself, I have some where to go.
I go for a run.
Running is such good therapy. Its better than ice cream or chocolate or my favorite macadamia cookie.
Running soothes me like a baby in its mothers arms.
When I finish I know that Im a little bit different, a bit wiser.
I run toward all that is me. I see my reflection ahead and I just go. Not for speed or distance. I have no watch telling me the time or marking the distance. I just go. When my body thinks it has had enough I go a little more just to see what happens. Then I stop. Out of breath but my mind is clearer than ever.

I figure out things in those seconds of breathlessness that I couldnt figure out while lying in bed doing nothing. I sense relief. I dont want to come back to the real world but I know I have to. Face it ALL. Face them now that I have the answers.

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  1. wow. I'm a runner and I run for my highschool. this is a great post :)