Sunday, June 27, 2010


All the celebrities are walking around Hollywood sporting fun and sexy shorts and there is no reason that we “normal” gals cant do the same. 

Temperatures are rising and there is no doubt that shorts and tanks are the best way to keep cool while out and about. However shorts can be tricky and you have to really know what works for your body. For a day look it works best to wear flats however if you are doing a casual business lunch or meeting, you can do a heel that is simple and preferably a solid color.
 Day and Night Looks
For your day and night looks you can usually get away with wearing the same shorts. It is important to note that our look will be determined by factors such as our makeup and accessories. Lets first explore the different shorts that are being seen the most this season. 
Boyfriend shorts, Army Cargo shorts, Bermuda Shorts, Cuffed Shorts, Distressed Shorts, belted shorts and yes, even Glittery or Sequined shorts.

These are just to name a few. Now we will do a day and night look for a FEW of these type of shorts and you will see that by changing a few details we can transform one pair of shorts into two completely different looks.
Shoes with ankle straps should be used with caution. If you have longs thin legs than you can probably get away with any look when wearing shorts. However, for the rest of us a FLAT shoe with a strap at the ankle can cut our legs short. Don't get me wrong, we can still rock this look. I usually keep my strap shoes to a neutral color if they are flats but Im never afraid to spice things up with some red or aqua blue flats... What ever makes you feel confidant and beautiful is all that matters.
Boots: I don't ever do boots with shorts. But if you want to wear this look it is best to wear boots that are the close to the color of your skin. I wouldn't do any booties however mid-calf boots could be nice.
Heels: I LOVE HEELS. But lets keep it real ladies, they can be really painful if worn for a long period of time. However if you're not going to be doing a lot of walking, like going on a movie/dinner date, then wear heels! And if you are going out for a night of dancing wear some heels that are broken in. Heels are sexy on a date and paired with shorts they can prove to be any woman’s secret to being a sexy vixen.

Boyfriend Shorts/Day n Night  
Add some cute chandelier earrings to your night look and a glittery or jeweled purse and your ready to go.    

Cargo Shorts/Day n Night

Belted Shorts/Day n Night

An example of when peep-toe booties can look HOT!!! I love this look, and it can be pulled off by pretty much anyone, no matter what shape and size.

Another belted shorts NIGHT look. However, this one is different as it is matched up with flats. Just because it is night time doesnt mean you have to wear heels. This look is simple, fresh, and screams comfort. 

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