Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doll Giveaway Winner

Wow, so I spent the last 8 hours cleaning a weapon! So tired. More mentally than physically but never less it needed to be done. Yesterday I went to the range to qualify which basically means that I had to shoot at targets all day long.
Well, n-e way it took me longer than I would have hoped for. Yesterday was just not my day. But I eventually qualified and knocked out the targets. It was so annoying because after a while your eyes get freakin tired and everything gets blurry. But I really reached in and prayed and finally I pulled through.

SO, I chose a winner randomly and I have a winner for my giveaway. Just a reminder

Eye shadow from NYX

In the following colors: 
Garnet and Hot Pink

Congrats girly. I have written to you on your blog and hope to receive your address soon. You have 48 hours to reply. If I don't get one I will chose a new winner...

I will be posting a giveaway sometime in mid August so look out for it. It's going to be amazing because I will be celebrating my birthday!!!

 It's going to be amazing guys.



  1. yay! i am so happy that I won. :) i am excited to receive the goodies.They all look fab. and i cant believe that your in the military, I would have never thought that.Thats amazing. go girl power for sure :)

  2. hey
    I noticed you entered my giveaway but im not sure you subscribed. if not please subscribe cause id love for you to have a chance to win (subs only) thanks!!!

  3. hey sorry just noticed you had subscribed.

  4. @ Amanda... Yes, girl I got your email so you should receive your Doll gift in 7-14 business days. Thanks for joining. And congrats:)