Monday, July 19, 2010

Miranda Kerr

Ok, my dream is to be a Victoria Secret Angel but I know that is not going to happen... well just in my dream...

One of my favorite girls is Miranda because she has a really kick back natural makeup look. Lets face it "I really dont think this girl even needs any makeup". But I really do appreciate her look.

I will be doing my Miranda Kerr inspired Look. I will be using a new product from Urban Decay. Should be posted by Saturday night.

I probably wont post much until then. I have the most crazy week coming up. I will have a firing range and a land navigation course and I know I am going to be exhausted!!!!
But its my job:) gotta do it.

Hope you guys have an awesome week:) Be positive no matter how hard and exhausting your week can be. Remember that all hard work has a reward at the end... Think about what your hard work is going to earn you at the end and how great you will feel when everyone sees you shine:)

Love you Dolls



  1. I'm a Miranda Kerr's fan too!! And, like you, I love her natural look.

    kisses from Italy :)

  2. Miranda Kerr is such a stunner!SarahD:)

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