Monday, July 19, 2010

Gladiator Girl

Sunday my family and I went to go see "Despicable Me". It was so cute. My son loved it. We didn't watch it 3D which we like because sometimes those 3D glasses can get so uncomfortable and my son takes them off.... lol

I bought some gladiator sandals at and I had been dying to wear them. I put this outfit together and it really came off as a complete gladiator girl outfit....

My boyfriend really liked it and he said I looked "girly" which was cute... lol...

My two boys:) Luv them

Look out for the Giveaway Winner tomorrow:) I will be posting around 8pm eastern time.



  1. wow i am loving your blog, i just found it today
    and i like how clean and beautiful it looks,
    the pictures are awesome! I hope you keep
    blogging because im hooked! lol.

    <3 the outfit

  2. @Liz. Awesome girl. Thank you so much...

  3. cute family pic ,, awww <3

    and awesome sandals ,, u look amazing =) keep it up