Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Outfit

Hey guys. Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Im a History Major so I get really excited about these type of Holidays. Im proud of being American and being part of the largest melting pot. We all have so many different backgrounds but we are all here in the USA doing it big, The Land of Opportunity.

Im also grateful for my boyfriend who is serving overseas and all the men and women for sacrificing cookouts with their families to fight for our freedom.
I love you guys!!!

My parents, sister and her family + other nieces and nephews came over to BBQ and go out back to the pool. It is important for my family to be together for this Holiday and share quality time together. Today was also my nephews birthday so we did a little cake for him too.
Later tonight fireworks and back out to the pool for a late night swim.....

I did a really casual outfit. My boyfriend shorts and a tank. My shoes are perfect for July4th. They are red, white and blue....


Blue tank I got from Old Navy... They are on sale right now for $5. They have many colors. I got blue, white, grey, and peach. Shorts are from Charlotte Ruse. My jewelry is from Forever 21. My sandals I have had for 3 years, so I dont know if they still make this but I got them at Backers Shoes.

I did a really nice blue eye with gold and it looked really nice. These are the products I used to do my 4th July look.....

Forgot to include my Smolder from Mac black eyeliner... Just realized:(

Be safe guys:)


  1. love the sandals. Love MAC's creme bronzer too!