Thursday, July 22, 2010

Heels and Socks

Hey beautiful dolls, 
So there is a new trend this summer and I have been wanting to do a post but I always end up forgetting. Im not sure what I think of this. I like it "sometimes" but then I really don't know. I really need to try it out and see what happens:)

Bebe... Loving this entire outfit:) And the model is rocking it.

Im just going to have to GO FOR IT. I usually test things out by peoples reactions. (which let me get it straight: I don't care what people think because I am going to wear what I love). But Im thinking I am going to go for it this next weekend and test what my boyfriend thinks and what reactions I get when I go out about the town.

 I wonder if people will look at me like Im crazy. Let me say that: I live somewhere that doesn't really appreciate the fine art of fashion. There are very few people that are brave and actually have a STYLE. I mean people just wear whatever. I think its because people are scared of wearing what they want because they think they will be judged. It could also be that since it is a military town people just want to wear really comfortable stuff. Just tanks and running shorts. Its understandable, but sometimes I wish I lived in New York or California. Fashion central. I want to be inspired. I want to be in awe. 

J Crew

Dont get me wrong I wear sweats, running shorts, t-shirts, and tanks as much as the guy next
But I like to have at least ONE day out of the week were I just wear something fantastic! 

There is no better feeling than to wear something that you LOVE and feel GREAT in. Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with fashion. If you decide you don't like something then don't ever wear it again. Mix and Match. HAVE FUN!!!!

If you guys have rocked this fashion trend post some pictures up as a response or just let me know what you think of this trend. 



  1. I have definitely rocked this style. I paired some five inchers (with a one inch platform) with socks. The outfit was a plain AA tee with a lace tee on top and skinny jeans. I really liked the look. I didn't think I was going to but I was just playing around with stuff I hadn't done before. No pix because it was about a month ago.

  2. @Stargirl. Sorry such a late reply. Wish you would have had pics:( lol. I still havent done this look. It seems impossible to do anything right now with me being in school up here in VA. I dont have time for anything. All week Im either in my work out stuff or in my ACUs (Army uniform). I hate my life right now... lol. N-E way. I hope to do this look before it goes out of style again:( Boo. Thanks for commenting doll