Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fitness/Killer ABS

Hey dolls,

I am going to start my fitness posting tomorrow. I am going to do an abdominal workout that is my favorite. Im going to include the moves that I have been doing for years (some of them). After I had my baby I was more than 50lbs over weight. So didn't really do any diets, but made a life changing decision to BE HEALTHY. I knew that even if I was in the Army it would take MY hard work and dedication to lose the weight and start feeling good again.

I starting reading magazines like Oxygen, Fitness Magazine, and Woman's Health. I would cut out the workouts and put them in a binder and picked one every day to do. I didn't even realize but 4 months later I lost 55lbs and I felt better than before I had my son.

I have been doing some of these moves for years now and I really like them. They have proven to be effective at strengthening my core and getting rid of that extra fat.

I will be posting the video on Youtube and Ill try to post on here.

I am not a physical trainer but I can show you what helped me get my abs back after a baby. You can follow my workouts and recipes that I will be posting and I hope that you all can have a healthy and active lifestyle.



  1. just wanted to say Barbara Mori is the epitome of sex appeal, gawddd she's hot!!

    I do the same with all my magazines, all I need to do is buy the clear covers and a binder to store them all in! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!

  2. Aww. Thanks for commenting. I follow your blog. I loved where you stayed at in Mexico. Que bonito estaba ese lugar:) ttyl girl

  3. I will for sure follow your fitness routines!! You rock that body girl!!! I need to flatten my tummy!! You will be my virtual fitness trainer!! Great idea thanks for taking the time to help us out with all your tips and advice!!! : )

  4. @Diana. Cool. The important thing to remember is to have fun with your workouts.
    Listen to your favorite music.
    Video is loading now so check out my YOUTUBE channel. Should be up by tomorrow.