Sunday, July 18, 2010

Katy Perry Inspired Blue

Once again I came home for the weekend. All week ALL I think about is coming home to see my two beautiful boys.... Saturday I decided to attempt my Blue Katy Perry look.

Things were really off. Im getting a summer cold and my nose was runny the entire time I was trying to record the tutorial. My son was making load crying noises for some reason so the sound was off. My eyes were extremely watery and I kept sneezing!!! lol

Needless to say the Katy Perry look didn't turn out the way I would have wished for. But regardless of how bad of a makeup day I was having my two boys turned my frown upside down. They took me out to eat and out shopping. It was an awesome day. We tried to go watch a movie but EVERYONE decided to go to the movies last night and most movies were sold out!!!! We ended up making it movie night in at home.
My boyfriend had my favorite ice cream in the freezer (Chunky Monkey)....

Have breakfast on the stove and we are going to try round 2 at the movies.
Then back to VA.. for another long week of hardcore Army training:) Cant wait for next Friday:)

Shirt: Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Aldo

I am going to attempt to do the Katy Perry video tutorial sometime next week:) Look out for it.



  1. Lovely look! I think it looks just fine and looks like you had a fab weekend with your loved ones, have a great week at your hardcore training!

  2. Thanks Janine. I hope you have a great week as well:)

  3. Super cute ,, love it !

    flawless makeup ,, and lovely outfit =)