Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sigma Brushes

Sigma Brushes

Before I headed out here to VA I ordered the new Sigma Brushes. I was worried that I would leave and someone would steal them from my porch, however, thankfully I got them the day I left. I was glad I was running late for my long drive because I ended up brining my NEW brushes with me.

I havent used them YET, but I cant wait to try them out this Saturday.

I saw this picture in my new issue of Womans Health and I fell in love with this makeup look. I will be doing this look on Saturday. Look out for it. I am going to be trying out my new Sigma brushes.

These are the ones I think I will use the most.....

Well the ones for the look Im doing above:)

Let me know how what you think of these Sigma brushes, if you own them. If I get positive reviews and (to include my own) I might just end of giving one of these sets as a giveaway in the future! :)



  1. I really want 2 get a Sigma brush set!

  2. GREAT blog! and Jessica Biel is a star.

    I am a new follower. x

  3. Love love love that makeup. Good luck with the brushes post pics of how they work out!!
    Velvet Cupcakes

  4. I have this set and the basic face and the basic eye set... they're good brushes if you're on a budget.

    I still have MAC Brushes in my kit too.

  5. awww ,, you got the premium kit ! love it

    i have the complete kit ,, will ask for this in my birthday Nov ,, =)

    Enjoy em .