Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Khloe Kardashian video posted

Hey Dolls. I have posted the Khloe Kardashian inspired look.
Youtube at ElizabethGomez11

Hope you guys enjoy and sorry for the bad quality. Im in this horrible hotel room with the worst lighting in the world!!! I hope to be moving out of here at the end of the week. They said they were going to get me into a furnished apartment since Im going to be here until the end of October. I really hope I get it!!

This room is a super tiny little box. And the sheets are itchy.
I miss home. But at least Im close to home and not in Afghanistan like all my friends and comrades. I shouldnt complain and I feel guilty. BUT I REALLY DO HATE ITCHY SHEETS!

N-E way, this weekend my boyfriend and baby son are coming down to visit. Im so excited! I just want this week to fly by. 3 more days to go!!! Going to be a long 3 days but ALL Im thinking about is FRIDAY when I can see my TWO favorite people.




  1. you look just like khloe there!

    &you should enter my giveaway!


  2. gorg!!! reading books helps me get through it all! no joke :)

  3. I love your look! You have such a unique one =)
    What gets me through a tough week? Booze! hehehe, just joking.
    I love going to the gym and working off the stress there. Good music helps too. Sometimes all I can do is get through it though!

  4. i adore the kardashians as well, i would say i am more kourtney Kardashian,i am very petite and a fire cracker lol. your makeup def reminds me of them.

    to get me threw a tough day,I definitely blast music and sing very loud! :)


  5. you look gorgeous here.
    very kim , i think the quality is amamzing, what are you talking about hahha

  6. @ All, thanks for sharing what gets you guys through the week. Funny, but most of us relay on music to get by.
    @ Kimmy, working out is the perfect way to release stress and feel fresh!

  7. i love your makeup ,, thx for visiting my blog ,, xx