Monday, July 12, 2010

Katy Perry

Has to be one of the coolest chicks ever! This girl has the coolest style ever. I am really into the 1950s Pin-Up style and she does this look really well. However she puts a very modern twist to it.

ONE of my favorite videos is "Thinking of You". This video really inspired me when I did a couple of my Pin-Up shoots. Her makeup was flawless.

Well, I have noticed that she does blue on her eyes often. Maybe it's her fav color? Who knows but she does it really well and I think anyone can pull of this look.
My favorite colors are purple and blue (on the turquoise side). I saw this pic of Katy and I really got inspired to try and do it.

Pin-Up style makeup

Which of these looks do you guys like the most?
Which outfit do you like the most?



  1. She is darling! Her style is refreshing. I like her in the leather skirt and shirt.

  2. shes so cool but sometimes she s a bit annoying though hahah