Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Claw shoes!

First, Im sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I have been super busy with training and Im always tired. Not only that but the weather here has done crazy damage to my skin. I have been breaking out and I have never been this way EVER. Ill get the occasional zit every now and then like a normal person but I literally have a complete face breakout. I dont know if I am stressed or if the humid hot weather here is really having that great of an effect? I haven't done any makeup tutorials for that same reason as well.

N-E way, I was checking out and came upon these shoes. I love this style. How great are these guys??

These are my FAVORITE!! OMG! Perfect for the fall. Gotta find a pair!

This look was first seen with designer Camila Skovgaard. Then we saw this look with Jeffrey Campbell, Jill Sander and BCBG.
Now it seems that everyone is latching on to this look and releasing their own versions. Its hot!


I have mentioned before that I have a membership to Shoedazzle which is Kim Kardashian's shoe website. I just ordered my August shoe!

Perhaps Marie Antoinette would rock these babies?
Cant wait to wear them:)



  1. hey
    just wanted to let you know i will be sending out your package tomorrow. sorry it has taken me this long. i have been sick in bed for awhile. hope it gets to you soon :)

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  3. Where are those black boots from?! Love them!