Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Perfect Skin

Ok, what is the first thing you see when you talk to someone? 


Well, I usually have really good skin but as of lately I have been breaking out like crazy. Im so upset and I think Im breaking out even more because Im stressed about breaking out. Its a horrible cycle. 
Well I was going to go for ProActive but I decided to try the new Kardashian line of acne control. 


I was skeptical about it but I always like trying new products and I decided to give it a chance. Well, I have to admit that I have noticed a difference. Im still breaking out but its less and less every day. The product is drying out all the acne but not drying out my face which is unexpected but AWESOME! lol

I have only been using these products for two weeks, and I know I cant get dramatic results that quickly. So far so good though. Im hoping that by the month mark, my face is clear!

I will do an update on this product in three weeks. And I hope it is a great review because it will mean that I would have clear skin. 




  1. aww ,, i hope ur skin clears ,,
    sometimes break out ,, happens due to weather change ,,

    my face is clear also ,,
    but for some reason ive been having a lil break out on my chin ,,

    am using clinique 3 step ,, its ok ,, i love it ,, and ive been using them for years

    but for bad bad skin days i use facial asks ,,, like mac volcanic ash thermal mask or neutrogena ,, these help dry out the spots =)

    keep us updated on how it goes please =)

  2. I haven't heard about those products from the Kardashian before, thanks for letting us now! I'm a little skeptical too, but I hope it will work great!

  3. i've heard a lot about these products and am quite interested to hear your results as i've been breaking out the past few weeks for the first time in my life and it's taken all my confidence :( but i don't think perfect skin is coming to the uk yet..
    but i hope it works for you!!<3

  4. Hope your skin clears. I know all to well about breaking out skin, it is such a nightmare. Hope the Kardashian products work.:)SarahD

  5. @ Princess Feef, I have heard great reviews on the clinique 3 step process. I use the clinique mostorizing face cream. I have been using it for years and it works pretty well.oohh. That volcanic ash thermal mask sounds amazing.. might go get it this weekend. Thanks for sharing Doll

    @ Dolls, Thanks for commenting on my post. I know Im not the only girl that HATES breaking out. It can really be a bummer and ruin so much. I hate to sound like Im that dependent on my looks but I like to at least have a fresh complexion. And I want to get back to doing my videos.
    I will def. update you girls on the results of this new Kardashian product. I dont want you guys wasting your money on something that doesnt work.... more to come later.

  6. Good you didn't get proactiv that is sooooooooo drying. I used it for ten years then stopped. Tried to use it again a few weeks ago and turned my face beet red and it was burning