Friday, November 26, 2010

Tad Bits of Everything

Simple red dress can go a long way.
Fall Spring

Pretty in Nude Shoes.

Mermaid Shoes.

She's just AMAZING.

Although many talk negative about her, she really embraces who she is. She doesn't submit to the "skinny" standard. N-E way I love her purse and her style in this picture. Her sweater the necklaces. She looks good here.



  1. ouuuuuuuuu, like UR blog!
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  2. lovely as always darling! I love the mermaid shoes!! So "Gossip Girl" lol

  3. Yeah, I have to say Ashley Green and "Blair" from Gossip Girl are my favorites. I am a big fan of Ashley Green because I am a TWIHARD. I am obsessed with anything Twilight, and because I like the simplicity of her style. Very Chic.

  4. Beautiful photos!
    Style Moss is amazing!

    KIsses from Poland!