Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have been trying for an hour to upload my haul video. Something is wrong with my iMovie. Ugh. Ill keep trying tomorrow. Ill post on her once its posted on Youtube. Sorry dolls. I hate technology sometimes:) Ill be checking out all your blogs though.



  1. Cant wait to see..I know...technology is such a needed thing these days...we have all gotten WAYYYY to used to it, lol.

    Happy you are an AEagle fan too....Id sleep in the jeans if I could:)

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  2. good luck trying to post it! i completely fail at technology, so many blogs manage to put up songs which look like they just have the bottom bit of a youtube video without the actual video (if that makes sense) which i think looks great and i desperately want to put on my posts but cant work out how to do so. so yeah im feeling your pain about technology! :P

  3. haha. Thanks for the support dolls. I finally posted it though. I wish I could be a super Geek. I love technology but it kicks my butt sometimes...Oh well, practice makes perfect and I watch tutorials on everything:)