Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Addict

Todays Fix

Kate Moss is Never Wrong

Rocker and Mommy...Awesome

Edgy Sophistication

Singer,Designer,Fashion Icon



  1. I love Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani. Particularly Gwen, she just doesnt seem to age, I really dont know how she does it, she was in a band for 20 years, has had two children a solo career and a fashion line and she looks exactly the same as she did in her 20s. the womans a walking marvel!

  2. OMG! I think I love every picture more than the last in this post! You obviously have a great eye for style, because I agree with you on each and every look!

  3. @ SucceedingatFailing, I so agree. This woman doesnt age. What the heck. And she can get away with wearing the most awesome styles and it doesnt come off as weird. I mean shes a rock star. Another woman that doesnt age is Demi Moore. I just saw her in a magazine with pictures of her within the last 10 years and she looks the same. What is their secret??? I dont know but I hope what ever is happening to them, happens to me as I age:)
    @ Alluring, thanks doll. Wonderful minds think alike:)

  4. Love all these looks and I'm a huge Gwen fan. I adore her style, she can do no wrong in my book!

    Happy Frinday Sweet Friend!

  5. Love all these looks! I also love just about everything Kate. She's timeless.

    Maryjane xoxo

  6. wow lvoe all these outfits xxxx

  7. Great collage! Carey Mulligan looks so chic! And does Gwen Stefani ever age??? She looks so good!

  8. I love Pixie Lott, amazing!
    come follow me I will follow back!


  9. kate has amazing style!

    feel free to follow xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  10. yes yes and gwen always so freaken awesome!!!!

  11. Love, love, love!!!
    Super post dear!!!)))
    This blog very interesting!!!)))

  12. oh you're so right about Demi Moore, whenever I see pictures of her and Ashton Kutcher it doesnt even look weird cos she looks so good for her age!

    Thanks so much for the comment, it was just the nicest thing to read ever! made my day! :D