Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fashion Addict

Todays Fix
A little thing of everything...

If boots could kill...

(I have been looking everywhere for boots like this and I haven't found any. I wont pay more than 200$ which is probably my problem but if any of you know a place, please let me know. Thanks)

The must HAVE jacket.

(Every one is wearing this jacket, and Im not the type to get something everyone else is wearing but I just love this sequenced jacket. That is another thing that I need to find ASAP)
I found these on-line

Sequin Stripe Jacket**
This one is my favorite. 

The edginess of the skirt with the chicness of the top, perfect.

Vintage Beauty

Black Lace takes over!

Boot Leggings

(Can you believe these are boots? I saw these one Fashion Police and had to find a picture to show you dolls. WOW!!!)

And the winner is:

Now I know what you're thinking, YES, I do love everything Kim but that is not why I chose this picture as the winning fashion inspiration pic. She has all the elements that I love. She has a short but NOT too short skirt that is form fitting and very flattering for those of us with hips and a big butt. Which is hard to work with and find the right form fitting items that make you look sleek and beautiful as opposed to slutty. This is a personal struggle of mine. Finding things that show off my curves but don't make me come off as too revealing. I like to be classy. I always say, "Less is more" when it comes to showing off your body. "Keep them guessing" my mom says. 

Then we have the leopard, I have nothing to say but that I have accepted the fact that I am an addict for it. Then we have the black lace which I have been buying in access. I have done two posts on it already and I fear that there are many more to come...sorry. Dark nails. Subtle and soft makeup, including nude lips, rosy cheeks and long lashes for that extra oomph!! 

Kim stole it this week, hands down. And by the way, does this girls hair ever look ugly? I hate her sometimes.. ha ha



  1. You have such great taste! And you are right... KK never has bad hair! Bah!

    I also tagged you in my blog post today, so stop by and check it out!

  2. I love all the outfits but the last one is the most classy and sexy at the same time. Even with her booty its not slutty! Love that!
    Im so happy i ran into your blog! I love it! It's a great read! You have such great posts and your style is lovely!
    So therefor I'm going to follow you!

    Hope you visit and (if you like) follow me back!

    lots of love,

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow, J.Zhor looks really thin, has she lost weight?

    I love their style, and I agree with you, Kim is the best!
    Froso from Style Nirvana

  4. how do you always pick the best outfits!! love all these, i want the sequin jacket too! i'll keep an eye out for those boots (under $200 of course)

  5. Kims a goddess. Seriously, I consider her a major ground breaker for changing the idea of what "Hollywood glamour" is. Whenever I'm having a day where my jeans are too tight, I think of how amazing and full Kims body is, and how good she looks, and it makes me feel better =) Plus LOVE her darker features.
    Blake Lively has sick style, those boot leggings are crazy!!

  6. great blog love all your inspiration its great , hope you can follow too !!

  7. Ok, so we all agree Kim is the winner:) Cool. Glad to know Im not the only one obsessed with how she dresses. lol

    @ Froso M, Yeah I do think J Zhor is skinnier. I think she looks good, she hasn't hit that unhealthy look but I don't think she would look good if she kept losing weight. She has a fabulous face.

    Thanks for your comments. Seems like we all have similar fashion taste:)

  8. i love that sequin jacket!! so cute! and i love blake's leggings!! you have a great blog! im following you. i hope you can follow me back ^-^

  9. As much as the media seems to dislike her, I don't really mind her. She's sexy, but like you're saying, she rarely seems to over-do it. There's an element of class to the way she dresses, which is super important (and quite rare, I think) these days!

    I've been looking for a sparkly, sequin-y jacket lately. I think J. Crew has some good stuff like that, although sadly, they're a bit out of my price range for the time being!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Hope to see you back soon!

  10. all of them look amazing. kate is very very pretty, but you're right. kim looks very gorgeous there. she knows how to show off her pretty curves.
    thanks for sharing!!

  11. Kim is hot there As always Love her style.

    Hope you visit my blog. Follow if you wish and I will return the favor.