Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Dress

This dress can make anyone look fabulous. Im sure the girl has nothing to do with it...haha

I really like this dress. The hidden colors on the side make this dress so interesting. I don't think I could pull it off because of my huge hips but I do love it so.



  1. Wow! I really like second dress!

  2. Love the first dress & Rihanna looks AMAZING in that gown. She looked BEAUTIFUL at the AMA's.


  3. I dont know why but Im really not loving rihanna's hair in this pic. It reminds me of oprah's hair which works on oprah but not on her.

  4. I love the first one, it's so stunning!

  5. @Alicia. I know right. I do love the dress. That is why I put her on the post. The dress is just lovely. But I hate the hair. I think she went for a more classic look because of the dress but it just doesnt fit her. She should have just been true to herself.

    N-E way glad you dolls liked these dresses. The first is my favorite then the second then the third.. haha

  6. all awesome dresses!! love the second one!! :)