Monday, November 29, 2010

Night Out

Went out with a dear friend Sunday for some book shopping at Barnes and Noble and then some hot chocolate at Starbucks. It was so cold out I regretted not wearing tights. Checked my phone for the weather and it LIED!! haha. N-E way, had fun and took pictures before heading out:) Enjouy



  1. Very Chic! A great pair of patterned tights would have been great! I suppose its that time of year hey! I unfortunatly wouldn't even attempt wearing heels and a skirt in the snow because I'm clumsier than clumsy! Your acessories are phenominal too, I want to reach through the computer and steal them!

  2. Thanks girl. Yeah, I actually did some shopping on line for some patterned tights. I love wearing skirts and I dont want to stop just because its will not be the end of me.. haha. N-E way its not snowing here. And although I do love wearing my heels I wouldnt mind having a white Christmas:) ttyl

  3. What a cute outfit! Perfect for bookshopping .. that has to be one of my fave things to do on the weekend, get a coffee and look at books!