Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspirational Thursday


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I woke up in Paris.The room smelled like plums, ripened under my nose. Outside through the tiny slits in the curtain I could see the Eiffel Tower.I had no recollection of who I was or why I was here. The room was filled with silk garments.Racks of beautiful dresses and shirts that seemed to be fitted just for me. A complete wall shelved top to bottom with lovely shoes. 
As I walked outside the cool breeze hit my hair and I could smell lilies. I loved lilies. I started to remember why I was here. My city, my love. I was here to find him. I began to panic. He must be here......
I searched frantically making my way to the foot of the iron tower. On my way I saw couples holding hands, kissing. I could sense the love pouring in from every angle. The city of LOVE.
But I didn't have him. I suddenly felt lonely.Then.....
There he was in the arms of another. Whispering secrets and sweet tunes into her ear. Tears began to warm my cheeks. Now I knew the whole truth. 
He suddenly looked up at me. He ran toward me.  

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I love this blog. This girl is beautiful and her style is amazing. Check it out. You wont be disappointed and Im sure you will be inspired as I was.

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