Sunday, November 21, 2010

Men For Woman



  1. I love this look, Angelina Jolie I think has it perfected, I think its so sexy and classy at the same time!

  2. love the outfit, but she's either too thin, her lips are too big or her hair is too big :( i've never seen her like this

  3. I'm liking this look!!:)

    Thanks for your such lovey comment on my blog. I couldn't remember what happened in the last HP film, but it worked out ok. :)SArahD

  4. Hi Gorgeous Lady!

    I LOVE this look, so chic and beautiful! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

    Is that you in the top photo with the facintor? GORGEOUS!!!

  5. I do love this look. Its so chic and the guy look is so in right now. I think that every woman should have a great outfit like this one. The important thing to remember is that it cant be big you. It has to be tailored to your body. And the pants cant be too long. Its so sexy and you dont have to show your goods to turn heads....classic.
    @Janine, yeah she is very beautiful but she can come across as a bit strange looking sometimes. I think she might be a too bit skinny and it doesnt match her head or something. Her face is gorg but sometimes she off looking. IDK. ja
    @Karyn: All the top pics are of me: thanks doll:) Have a awesome week. Look forward to your posts...