Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas GIVEAWAY!!!!

Starting today and continuing on until December 20th I will be holding 2 giveaways. Im so excited because this is a way of thanking those of you who are always so supportive and even follow me on Facebook and email me often. 

The first giveaway is on behalf of who has an awesome collection of shoes and boots.I have shopped many of time and have always been happy with the service and selections.

These boots are Nine West, which I am a complete fan of. They have awesome styles at very affordable prices.

They come in three different colors. But this one is my favorite. I got a pair and I will be doing a post with them on soon!!

Here are the rules to win!
1. You must be a follower
2. You leave a comment telling me what you would wear them with. (for 1 point)
3. You can talk about this giveaway on your blog on a post (2 points)
4. You can have a link about this giveaway on your sidebar (1 point)
5. If you have a YouTube ch. and talk about this giveaway (4 points) 

Whoever has the most points at the end wins... Please write me an email letting me know which ones you did so that I can give you the proper points:)@

The giveaway ends Dec 1st at 1200pm when I will let everyone know who the WON.

Good Luck dolls and watch out for the next giveaway post coming soon.



  1. Hey sexy lady, do I comment here to enter?!
    hehe I would love to win some nice new shoes .... From these pics I think I could..
    I wou;d wear them with sknny jeans, and a hot, tight fitting wool sweater!

  2. Yes girl. You just might win since your the only one who has entered. They are so cute, arent they? YES! With skinny jeans. PERFECT:)