Friday, December 3, 2010

Outfit of the Day

As most of you know Im Mexican and Spanish, and tonight is the Christmas Latin Night at local club. There are many Latin people here, especially Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. IDK why...
As you also know there is one of the biggest Army posts here too so that is partly why there are so many different Latin cultures here. Its awesome because there are tons of parties celebrating different cultures. There is tons of food and music. 

N-E way. Going out in a bit and its 20degrees outsite. Im going to FREEZE! N-E way here is what Im wearing tonight:) What do you think?

Leather Jacket: BeBe
Harem Pants: H&M
Striped Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: Express
Shoes: Frank Antonio/Boutique



  1. I LOVE IT!!! those shoes are so cute, probably freezing but i dig , i am also a fan of the shirt, i need to take a look at forever 21!