Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dior Lady Grey

If you have been a follower for a minute now, you will know that I am an extremely obsessive person. Once I love things, I just obsess over them. One of my many imperfections. 
N-E way for the longest time I have been a fan of Marion Cotillard. She is amazing. Her accent, her style, every single aspect of her being is enticing. 
I cant wait for "Inception" to come out in BlueRay. I love her in that movie. 
Enough...haha. I think she looks divine. And Im really digging her hair. Check her Dior mini promotion video.

Sexy or too cute?

Video at link bellow:



  1. I'm like that too!
    Marion Cotillard is beautiful and she was amazing in Inception x

  2. love your photos

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  3. Love your blog!!!! :)