Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dolls Who Got it Right

I have mentioned before how much I love fall. The best fashion creeps its way onto the streets. I really have no bad fashion posts today. All were good and put me in the best of moods. Feel like shopping.

My gal Kim was the star this week...

How fab are these shoes... I don't think I could pull these off.

I love her makeup here and in the following pic. Im inspired to do a makeup tutorial inspired by Kim again.

I have noticed recently not only in pictures but also on the show that Kin is wearing a lot of belts this season. I think this works really well for girl who are bottom heavy. It is no surprise that this girl has a butt in hips. A belt brings attention to her tiny waist. I use this trick as well. Luvin it.

Other Dolls who got it right:)

This Gossip Girl has the legs to pull this look off. They go on for miles. Hatin... lol
Her dress is shiny so she used "less is more". Her makeup is simple and she didn't over due the jewelry. 

Wow. Miranda is pregnant and she still pulls off the flawless look. She looks so fresh and healthy. 

These dolls are young and fresh. They are dressing their age. They dont try to hard. Look how wonderful they look. This season sheer is in. Just make sure to do it with moderation. Please leave something to the imagination. Lace is also in. So rock it ladies.



  1. I don't think I could walk in those major heels! Eeeek.. Good post!


  2. love them all
    but KIM can rock anything !
    shez always my girl when it comes to fashion and makeup <3

  3. Kim always looks good, great post!

  4. I love Kim K, her make up is always amazing! xoxo